Information Systems


The Brown-Bag-Seminar organized by the Information Systems Department offers a platform to present and discuss ideas and content regarding information systems research and related topics. Contents vary from research in progress to published work.

Winter Term 2016/2017


02.00 pm

Dr. Johannes Muck (Goethe University Frankfurt)An Agent-based Model of Tariff-Induced Network Effects, Incomplete Information and Local Search

02.00 pm

Prof. Dr. Franz Lehner (University of Passau)tba

02.00 pm

Torben Stoffer (University of Passau)


02.00 pm

Summer Term 2017


02:00 pm
SR 004 HK 12

Michael Wohlfarth (University of Passau)Data Portability on the Internet: An Economic Analysis
01.06.2017 10:00 am

R 104 HK 12 

Prof. Dr. Christian Matt (University of Bern)Charakteristika und Wirkung von Serendipität bei Online-Empfehlungen
02:00 pm
SR 004 HK 12
Oliver Zierke 
(University of Passau)
From Net Neutrality to Application Store Neutrality?
The Impact of Application Stores Ranking Policies on Application Quality and Welfare
27.06.2017Dr. MMag. Kathrin Figl (WU Wien)Comprehension of Procedural Visual Business Process Models - A Literature Review
04.07.2017Chair of Information- and IT-Service-Management-

Winter Term 2016/17

29.11.2016Dr. Andrea Burattin
(Universität Innsbruck)
Benefit of Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments: Some Business-Relevant Outcomes

(in HK 12 SR 004)

Prof. Dr. Lukas Wiewiorra
(Goethe Universität Frankfurt)

Strategic Whitelisting by an Ad-blocking Technology Provider: Market Outcomes and Welfare Implications
(in ITZ 004)
Dr. Jin Gerlach
(TU Darmstadt)
An Exploratory Study of Bad Information Consumption Habits

Summer Term 2016


Dr. Dirk Basten
(Universität Köln)

Greatest Enemy or Best Friend? An Experimental Analysis of Time Pressure's Impact on Software Quality
09.06.2016 (18:00-19:30)
findet in Raum 301 WiWi statt

Dr. Marc Adam
(University of Newcastle)

Agency and Emotions in Dynamic Bargaining
findet in Raum 001 HK12 statt
Torben Stoffer
(Universität Passau)
Customer‘s Willingness to Cocreate in B2B Relationships: Conceptualization and Scale Development

Winter Term 2015/16


Michael Langbauer (Universität Passau)

Nutzen von interaktiven Videos - Ein Design Science Ansatz
(findet in Raum 301 WiWi statt)
Dr. Anne Scherer (ETH Zürich)The Value of Self-Service: Long-Term Effects
08.12.2015Olga Ivanova (Universität Passau)On the Hunt for Fake Ratings: How to Update Online Ratings to Avoid Manipulation
12.01.2016Anuja Hariharan (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)Understanding the Interplay of Emotional Arousal and Cognitive Workload in Auction Bidding
02.02.2016Michael Wohlfarth (Universität Passau)Social Logins in the Online Platform Ecosystem:Two-sided Competition and Access Relationships

Summer Term 2015


Daniel Schnurr (Universität Passau)

Regulation of Next Generation Access Networks: Experimental Evidence
02.06.2015Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz (TU Darmstadt)The Impact of Sharing Mechanism Design on Content Sharing in Online Social Networks
15.07.2015Michael Langbauer, Dr. Nadine Amende (Universität Passau)Erfolgsmessung in der Wirtschaftsinformatik am Beispiel von interaktiven Videos


During the semester once a month on Tuesdays 2:00 pm in room 259 ITZ.