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Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements

Request for Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements are being issued, if the foreign course equals the respective course in Passau.

Criteria for the approval of academic achievements abroad:

  • The content of the course must correspond to that of the counterpart course in Passau or has to offer a reasonable addition to it.
  • The semester load of the course must be equivalent to the load of the counterpart course in Passau.
  • A written exam is required. However, in this case a combined written/oral exam may, with a prior consultation, also be accepted.
  • In a bachelor programme no Learning Agreements for first and second semester courses are being issued.

Please comply with the following instructions:                    

Step 1

All fields on page one and two must be digitally filled in (English or German), before the course in question begins.
Then send the completed form per e-mail to the office of the responsible chair.

Step 2

After your application has been approved you will be informed to pick up your Learning Agreement at the responsible chair's office.

Step 3

On page 3 you find a section which confirms your performance given in the foreign course. Print this section and give it to your foreign lecturer to fill in and stamp it.

Step 4

To confirm the transfer of your grades please bring your completed form and an official Transcript of Records issued by the foreign university to the office of the responsible chair.

Step 5

Submit the signed documents to the examination office of the University of Passau.



Please note that only completely filled out Learning Agreements are being accepted. Statements like “see appendix” are inadmissible. Please inform yourself about the opening hours and keep them in mind when consulting the chairs' offices.